The Air Baffle

A window to the future of acoustics.

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Bring high performance from under your feet over your head.

With the Air Baffle, you'll pivot to a softer sound with sleek acoustic baffles made from recycled water bottles and filled with Nike Grind fluff.

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The Air Baffle Collection

Made from EchoPanel® recycled PET and filled with Nike Grind fluff, the Air Baffle delivers dependable acoustic performance and iconic design to any ceiling. Air Baffles come fully enclosed or with the option of a short or long window.

Air Baffles are available in standard 40”, 48”, 72”, or 96” lengths and any of EchoPanel’s 33 subtle to striking colors. Additional customization options including baffle length and window length are available.

Next Level Sustainability

The outer hull of the Air Baffle is made of 12mm EchoPanel® by Woven Image, a recycled PET felt which contains at least 60% post-consumer content sourced from single-use plastic bottles. It’s then filled with Nike Grind fluff, a mix of recycled materials created from Nike’s end-of-life footwear.

Take your ceilings to the next level.

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